Marielle Marie Balsamo

As we see the world today, we are fast developing in terms of economy, trend, and technology. Students from various schools, the public and private, are fast learning the new generation and the different use of application. They are somehow cultivating the new fruits they learn out from new educational system and technology education. This is why perhaps people right now are knowledgeable in knowing things here and there; thus, they are prepared for everything.
New technology develops new gadgets and one of the most used and most effective handy product is the laptop. And these laptops is fast joining with education and outside the school. The wikianswers' page states that laptops are useful for every pupil or for outsiders as they are very portable to use and convenient; also, laptops limit the use of wires unlike from desktop computers. Though laptops is as similar with desktops, it varies on much is its handiness.

That is then why laptops are to be seen everywhere. Anyone can even afford it and is used in many fields. For example, for me, I'm taking a major in Drafting Technology and it's not necessary to be required with laptops but it is so useful as I think all the courses needs the help of laptop or different gadgets. Right now, I'm really satisfied by using electronic gadgets as they provide applications that's integral. Thanks to the people who make technology vast.





Tadashi Noretel
01/30/2014 10:17pm

Yeah, I think it's cool and awesome, too. I think I can't live without laptops. You know, just imagine how hard could it be without it. You can't make documents. And it's essential for my studies anyways. So I think it's pretty helpful too.

Mae Kristine
01/30/2014 10:20pm

I agree with Tadashi. I usually went to school always with my laptops and it's integral for everyone who has one too. I make a lot of documents, sheets and powerpoints.

02/02/2014 7:51pm

but if you look at the past they dont have computer gadgets
ipod tablet etc...

yet the manual constructing is much more good with quality! come on if you have computers and etc.. but why your works are always band!!!!!

02/02/2014 7:52pm

actually not all

02/02/2014 8:12pm

Still, technology fits in. And manual already sucks, to be frank nowadays. That's the effect.

02/02/2014 8:10pm

You can't help it. This is a crazy world. All the crazies work-out but their inventions are all effective and affective somehow. lol

02/03/2014 1:12am

I agree. I am also dependent with these technologies too.

02/03/2014 8:16am

Yeah, me. Much more than being crying baby depending for my mum. lol


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