Marielle Marie Balsamo

Technology really is something bigger. We cannot imagine how vast or huge it has been and how large are its contributions to the world. Together with great contributors and companies, we have the first born application used from its existence up today: the Microsoft. 

Microsoft continued to give impact in our lives and it has been the greatest application used until now. Starting from documents, spreadsheets, publishing and powerpoints, it is truly wonderful that we had this software. It has numerous tools, applications and connections. Thus, as students, we think of Microsoft for documents and projects. But as the years pass by and technology is really fast progressing, application or software develops more and more rapidly. They had been creating another software to be used for every new generation. 
Today, as Microsoft is still rooted to its position, many programs ramp its way to compete. Is there any programs aside from Microsoft Word? There isn't anything than Microsoft that can give a whole package like the Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Publisher but at least there are certain arising applications like the spreadsheets and document creation.  Anyone might have heard any alternatives of Microsoft Word. 

Right today, we have the new alternative offline programs; namely, the openoffice.orgabisourcejarte947.ibmneooffice. And we have the online alternatives: ccounts.google, zoho, thinkfreeajaxwrite, and peepel. That's how the world thinks faster and new models been developing. 




Mae Kristine
01/30/2014 10:22pm

I've been actually working, yeah, about my assignment for this week. I need to have certain alternatives aside from Micro. Are there anything more?

Lien Michael 25
02/02/2014 7:42pm

Technology seems to have made the world smaller nowadays. Not to mention, it makes homework easier and faster.

02/02/2014 8:19pm

Yeah, that's actually good to think. but true about the homeworks.....

02/02/2014 8:18pm

It does help. Microsoft? Yeah. It has been a great advantage for me. :)


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