Marielle Marie Balsamo

Facebook. It has been a tremendous phenomenon and a great trend. It has turned the lives of every individual into knowing a lot of things and information. Why is Facebook useful for us? Why do we use it? Is Facebook for entertainment only? 

I have been observing and watch students in school as they face their laptops and opens their Facebook accounts. I'm not actually a Facebook addict but I can sense the great use  and effectiveness of Facebook. 
Anyone can say that it is an entertainment; they chat, post pictures, share, and like. But do they think of the bright side of using the website? When I'm observing them as I face my laptop too, I see them busy in chatting, liking pictures, posting their faces and just sharing their expressions. It is useful though.

What is the real advantage of Facebook?:
Common uses of the website is to share information, to chat, to access mobile application, to find school/colleagues/friends, to promote pages/business/interest, to entertain, and to kill boredom. Lastly, according to scientificera.com, Facebook is a “one-stop shop” for entertainment, communication, and sharing of information with others. It’s a place where you chat with others, share your ideas, ask questions, comment on people’s status, add your status, make friends, market your business, advertise and much more. So it does gives more impact to the society that Facebook exist in this world. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg.


01/30/2014 10:24pm

True that Facebook helps. I've been using it to update and check my post. Also, even though chatting is a bit lazy, it aids me to communicate with my other schoolmates in my college.

Mae Kristine
01/30/2014 10:26pm

Yeah, been using a lot it too. I don't actually care about those disadvantages if there's any. Still, you're true.

02/02/2014 7:45pm

facebook for me is a useful !!! very very helpful when communicating someone or even when your bored !
yet sad to say when im at the mountain provinces theres no internet you know.

actually thats life no internet no facebook.

02/02/2014 8:24pm

my bad

02/02/2014 8:22pm

There'd be so many arrows hitting people today about this matter aside from it's february. Hahaha. Good that's there's Facebook, really.

02/02/2014 8:23pm

Well, I pity my mom when Facebook existed. I actually want to teach her, lol

02/03/2014 1:14am

Thanks facebook

02/03/2014 2:14am

I think the home page of your blog page is a little of. :)

02/03/2014 10:53pm

What's that supposed to mean?


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